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Law Firm in Georgia

Our lawyers in Georgia can help businessmen who want to set up a company in this country. Foreign investors are advised to be represented by local specialists on the procedure of registering a Georgian legal entity, even though the procedure itself is not very complicated, because all the steps involve submitting specific documents and forms; furthermore, it can be necessary to obtain permits and licenses and other additional papers. This is why we recommend foreign investors to address to the specialists of our company – Business Setup Georgia LLCGeorgia is an important business destination, with numerous policies addressed to attracting foreign investments on its market. Besides this, it benefits from one of the simplest procedures for registration of a local business and this can have an important impact of those searching a foreign market for expanding a company. 

 Quick Facts  
 Legal services offered by our law firm in Georgia

Assistance in:

– litigation cases,

– company formation,

– obtaining permits and licenses,

– legal assistance in preparing corporate documents, contracts, etc.,

– immigration services,

– commercial and civil legal matters,

– purchasing properties, etc.  

Types of clients our team can serve

– individuals (citizens, permanent residents, temporary residents) in Georgia,

– Georgian companies,

– foreign individuals and investors 

 Reasons to choose our team  

– reliability,

– very good pricing system,

– expertise in many areas of law,

– a team of lawyers with very good credentials,

– foreign languages profficiency (English, Russian). 

Legal services for company formation in Georgia

– assistance in finding a business office,

– signing the lease/purchase agreement,

– registering companies in Georgia and its Free Industrial Zones (Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Poti),

– submitting the corporate documents with the National Agency of Public Registry of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia,

– opening a corporate bank account,

– obtaining residence permits for investors, etc.  

 Legal services for setting up a representative office 

Preparing the paperwork and registering with the local authorities. 

 Accounting services (yes/no)  Yes 
 Tax advice and assistance (yes/no)  Yes 
 Tax registration services 

– register with the Revenue Service,

– apply for a Tax Identification Number (TIN) 

 Common legal services for foreigners 

Our law firm in Georgia can help clients with advice on:

– how to relocate here,

– the types of visas one can obtain/visa exemptions,

– residence permits (work, study, family reunification, etc.),

– citizenship rules,

– regulations for stateless persons,

– border control rules,

– advice on consulate/diplomatic mission,

– visa applications,

– visa refusals,

– visa appeals, etc. 

 Assistance in setting up a bank account 

Legal representation through the power of attorney, assistance for in-person bank visits, preparing all the documents and forms required by the bank (for foreign natural persons Georgia applies very simple rules).  

Basic taxes for companies in Georgia

– corporate income tax – standard 15% and 0% for free zones companies,

– tax on dividends – standard 5% and  0% (for free zones companies),

– withholding taxes on interest – 0%, 5% and 15%,

– VAT – 18%,

– property tax – up to 1%. 

Basic taxes for individuals in Georgia

– personal income tax – charged at a rate of 20%,

– property tax – from 0% to 1%. 

When can a foreigner apply for a residence permit?

A foreigner can obtain a residence permit for:

– work,

– study,

– family reunification,

– as a former citizen of Georgia,

– as a stateless person.

One can also apply for the special residence permit, the temporary residence permit, the permanent residence permit and the residence permit for indefinite stay (for investment purposes). 

Reasons to invest in Georgia

– tax advantages and tax exemptions in the Free Industrial Zones,

– low prices,

– fast incorporation procedure,

– few registration requirements,

– many procedures can be concluded through the power of attorney granted to our law firm in Georgia,

– many opportunities in the real estate industry,

– very low property taxes

 Debt collection services  

– contacting the debtor,

– finding a suitable repayment system,

– sending notices of default to the debtor,

– applying out-of-court measures,

– addressing to competent Georgian courts.  

Our company is based in Tbilisi, the country’s capital city, and it has an experience in company registration and corporate legal services of more than 15 years. The services investors can request from Business Setup Georgia LLC are designed to cover a wide range of aspects that have been observed in the case of foreign businessmen investing in this country. Thus, Business Setup Georgia LLC can provide five types of services, as follows: accounting services, real estate services, immigration services, company formation services and legal services

With regards to our legal services, our lawyers in Georgia are prepared to provide legal assistance and legal representation in matters such as: corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property law, civil law, banking and insurance law and others. Investors can also obtain information on the employment legislation available in Georgia

Foreign investors who are interested in opening a company Georgia will have to deal with numerous legal matters related to the registration of the company, its taxation requirements, hiring employees, mergers and acquisitions procedures or even the liquidation of the respective company. Our team of lawyers can provide an in-depth presentation on the main services offered by our law firm. Investors can also receive assistance on various legal aspects related to the Civil Law applicable here. 

Services offered by our lawyers in Georgia

We want to come to the help of all types of clients which is why our legal services are available across the country and target the following sectors:

  1. civil law matters which range from litigation to family law matters in Georgia;
  2. corporate law matters which imply the registration of companies in Georgia;
  3. real estate matters, including buying, selling properties, but also real estate due diligence;
  4. immigration matters – obtaining various types of visas and residence permits in Georgia;
  5. debt collection services through amicable procedures followed by court litigation.

We address both local and foreign investors interested in obtaining quality legal services in Georgia.

Our main legal services in Georgia are also presented in the infographic below:


Assistance in various civil law matters provided by our lawyer in Georgia

All persons and companies with activities in Georgia are required to respect the Civil Code which in the case of individuals refers to marriage registration, divorce procedures, child custody and maintenance, inheritance and many more. In the case of companies, the Civil Code provides mainly for contractual matters.

With a vast experience in the Civil Law, our lawyer in Georgia can help those who need support in the matters presented above.

Foreign citizens who have relocated to Georgia and want to get married here can obtain assistance from our lawyers in preparing the documents they need for registering their marriage. In case of unfortunate events such as divorce, we can also assist in mutual consent divorces or court proceedings which often involves child custody and maintenance, but also the division of assets.

Our law firm in Georgia can help clients in solutioning various types of civil law litigations in the shortest time possible.

Legal assistance in real estate matters in Georgia

Georgia is very appealing when it comes to purchasing properties because of the low prices available here. However, before jumping to directly buying real estate here, it is advisable to perform some searches on the property in question. Our law firm in Georgia can help with various real estate due diligence reports, among which the legal research of the property is very important.

The searches performed by our attorneys in Georgia imply verifications with the Land Register and the preparation of a thorough report which indicates if the property is subject to any encumbrances and if any other third-party claims can arise.

If the property checks and it can be purchased without any problem, we can represent foreign buyers who do not want to travel to Georgia before the transaction is completed. With a power of attorney, our lawyers in Georgia can represent the buyer through all the meeting with the seller and complete the purchase.

Foreign citizens who own properties in Georgia and want to sell them can also rely on our lawyers who can help them during the transaction.

Our legal services in Georgia address both natural persons and legal entities in or outside the country.

Foreigners who are interested to buy a property in Georgiamust know that this country provides very simple procedures for non-residents, but also that the country does not allow an easy access to mortgages for foreigners. 

This means that those who want to purchase should have their financial resources that can be invested in the acquisition of a real estate property. 

Immigrate to Georgia with the help of our lawyers

Georgia is quite an appealing country to relocate to. With access to important economies in Europe, immigrating to this country represents a good opportunity for foreign citizens. Among the types of residence permits available, we mention the following:

  • employment visas which can be obtained by foreigners obtaining jobs with Georgian companies;
  • student visas which are granted to foreign students enrolled with Georgian universities;
  • permanent residence permits which can be obtained by those who have lived in Georgia for at least 6 years;
  • residence permits based on investment which are available for those willing to invest at least 300,000 euros in Georgia.

Our lawyers in Georgia can help foreign citizens from EU and non-EU countries with the preparation of all the documents they need in order to move here stress-free.

Assistance in litigation cases in Georgia

Our law firm in Georgia can help companies and individuals in various litigation cases, among which debt collection is quite frequent. We can help client settle debts through amicable procedures in order to avoid lengthy and expensive procedures in court.

Registering a company in Georgia  

The procedure of opening a business in Georgia is comprised of several steps. The first aspect that should be agreed upon is represented by the legal entity of the company. In this sense, we mention that most of the businessmen – local or foreign – prefer to register a limited liability company. 

Our team of attorneys in Georgia can offer their expertise for the company registration procedure, but also for finding a suitable business address for the company or for opening a corporate bank account, which is necessary for any company incorporated here. 

Open a branch vs. a subsidiary in Georgia 

A branch and a subsidiary are both a legal way through which a foreign company can set its operations on the Georgian market. The difference between the two is given by the autonomy the company registered in Georgia will have in extent to its parent – company. A branch office in Georgia will be dependent on its parent-company, while the subsidiary will be able to act as an independent structure. 

Legal services for natural/legal persons in Georgia  

Foreigners who want to open a company in Georgia may be required to obtain various documents in order to be able to live in this country or to perform business activities here. Our team of lawyers in Georgia can assist businessmen in receiving visas or residence permits. 

Tax advice in Georgia  

Georgian authorities apply a different taxation system for natural persons, commercial companies or investment funds. Our lawyers can help investors with an in-depth presentation on the main taxes applicable here. Moreover, the investors can receive information on various tax minimization techniques available under the local law. 

Why move to Georgia?

Georgia is an appealing country for both foreign citizens seeking to relocate here for simple residence reasons or for starting a business. From an economic point of view, Georgia:

  • offers one of the cheapest residency by investment programs in Europe for only 300,000 euros;
  • attracted more than 281 million USD in foreign direct investment (FDI) in the first quarter (Q1) of 2019;
  • the services, financial sector and transport attracted 139.8 million USD, 42.7 million USD, respectively 28.6 million USD in FDIs in Q1 of this year ;
  • the most important investors were Ireland with 47.7%, the UK with 15.1% and the USA with 8% of the total FDIs registered in Q1 of 2019.

We invite foreign entrepreneurs to contact our law firm in Georgia for more details on this matter.