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About us

Business Setup Georgia LLC is a company that was founded 15 years ago, with the purpose of providing legal services and company formation services to local and foreign investors who wanted to start a company in this country. Our office is based in Tbilisi, the country’s capital city and our lawyers are ready to offer tailored assistance on various matters that could be of interest of foreign businessmen. This is why our services are tailored of five basic types of services, as follows: 

  • legal services – our lawyers can offer information on various types of branches of law, such as commercial law or civil law;
  • company formation services – they refer to all the aspects involved in the registration of a company in Georgia;
  • immigration services – our lawyers can assist foreigners to obtain their residency in this country or apply for specific types of visas;
  • real estate services – our lawyers can help in drafting contracts for the sale of a real estate property and representing clients in all the formalities available in this case;
  • accounting services – our representatives can help local companies in submitting their financial statements, prepare and submit tax declarations and other documents. 

Our lawyer

Our company is represented by Valeri Bendianishvililawyer and Managing Partner of Business Setup Georgia LLCValeri Bendianishvili has a professional experience that began in 2004 and in 2005, he obtained his master’s degree in jurisprudence. 

Throughout the years, he participated in numerous courses, where he obtained certificates in various branches of law, such as civil and administration law or insurance law; he has also obtained a certificate in international accounting standards and taxation. 

Valeri Bendianishvili is also a member of the Georgian Bar Association. Foreign businessmen can easily address to our lawyer, who is fluent in Russian and English and thus, he can easily represent investors who speak these languages. 

Our services 

As presented above, our services are divided into five basic types of services: legal services, company formation services, immigration services, real estate services and accounting services. When referring to our legal services, businessmen or foreigners interested in relocating here must know that our team is ready to offer consultancy services of numerous legal matters. 

For this purpose, our lawyers can represent foreigners in matters such as: corporate law, immigration law, civil law, construction law, mergers and acquisitions, insurance law, administrative law, intellectual property law, banking and finance, employment law, obtaining licenses and permits for business purposes and others. 

Our lawyers can provide information on the types of contracts that can be signed here and can assist investors in drafting such contracts (employment contracts, commercial contracts, vendor agreements and others). With regards to the intellectual property law, our lawyers are ready to assist foreign companies in registering a trademark with the local authorities. 

Our company formation services are designed to assist investors who want to start a business in Georgia, regardless of the type of company they are interested in. Our lawyers can represent businessmen in registering any of the legal entities prescribed under the national legislation. Here, we can assist investors by preparing the necessary documents for the incorporation of the company, drafting the statutory documents or representing investors in the relation with the local authorities. 

Considering that foreign investors who want to start a company in Georgia will need to spent a larger amount of time in the country with the purpose of growing their business, they will also need to apply for the right or residing here. This is why our lawyers can also offer immigration services (obtaining a residence permit, apply for citizenship). 

We can help with advice on the requirements for obtaining a short-term or a long-term residence permit and our lawyers can also handle the formalities for obtaining an investment permanent residence permit. Foreigners can address to our law firm for information on the work residence permit or the family reunification residence permits as well. 

Businessmen investing in the real estate market in Georgia are welcome to address to our lawyers for legal advice on the real estate law available here. We can represent businessmen in drafting contracts or in participating in the pre-contract negotiations; we can also provide legal assistance when registering with the Land Registry in Georgia.  

Companies operating in Georgia must complete numerous accounting procedures, which can depend based on the type of company incorporated here or the size of the company. Our representatives can provide the following accounting services: preparing the tax documents that have to be submitted with the Revenue Service, the registration of the accounting documents in specific accounting programs, prepare the annual financial statements and numerous others.