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Document Notarization in Georgia

Document Notarization in Georgia

Notarization in Georgia is performed by an authorized official, such as a notary, who verifies the identity of the signer, witnesses the signature. He/she also attaches a seal to the document, attesting to its authenticity. Commonly notarized documents include: legal agreements, powers of attorney, affidavits, translations,apostilles and contracts. This certification attests the authenticity of the signature on a document and the identity of the signatory. Our attorneys in Georgia can offer consultation and guidance for each type of document and the legal procedures.

Notarizing a power of attorney in Georgia

A power of attorney gives the authority to act on your behalf in financial, legal, or other mattersto a natural/ legal person. You can use this type of document to appoint our Georgian lawyers as your attorney-in-fact. You can set up an appointment with our team who will present you more details about the legal procedures.

In general, the steps for notarizing a power of attorney in Georgia are the following:

  • Complete the power of attorney with the required information, including the names of the grantor and the attorney-in-fact, the scope of the attorney-in-fact’s authority, and the effective date of the power of attorney. The document must be signed in the presence of one or two witnesses.
  • The power of attorney is then authorized by a notary, who might require some other type of identification documents, such as a copy of a valid Georgian ID card or passport.
  • The document will be signed again in front of the notary who will also add an official seal on the paper.

If you need the power of attorney translated into another language, a notarized translation in Georgia is also possible.

Notarized translation in Georgia

Notarizing a translation provides an additional level of authentication and credibility to the translated document. You might need notarized translations in Georgia for other foreign governments, institutions, or organizations. Here are a few details about how this process works:

  1. Double-check and review the translated documents to make sure the information is accurate.
  2. A notary will also check if the translation is correct, according to Article 56 of the Order of the Minister of Justice of Georgia.
  3. If the notary does not speak the language, he/she will only check the identity of the translator and witness his/her signature on the translation.
  4. You need both the original and a copy of the required documents.
  5. The notary will provide his/her official seal on the document, certifying its authenticity.

You could aso require to havethe translation apostilled.To obtain an apostille in Georgia, you will need to present the translated document to the relevant authority, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Notary Chamber of Georgia.

Our law firm in Georgia offers you a wide range of legal services, including consultation, notarization, or translationsthrough our local partners.

Buying a property in Georgia – required notarized documents

If you are interested in buying a property in Georgia, you may need to have certain documents notarized. Common examples of documents include: purchase agreements, affidavits, power of attorney, contracts, or certificates.

In the cases of purchase agreements or contracts, it is required to have a signature from both the buyer and the seller.

Here are some interesting facts and data about notaries and notarization in Georgia:

  • There are currently 224 notaries practicing as directed by the Minister of Justice who has set a limit of 300 entities.
  • All practicing notaries in Georgia must be registered with the Notary Chamber.
  • To become a notary in Georgia, an individual must complete a training program and pass an examination to demonstrate his/her knowledge and understanding of the law.
  • There is a high demand for this service due to the important role that notaries play in Georgian society.

For more support in legal matters, our team of Georgian lawyers will provide you with the professional guidance in all your needs. Please contact us for matters including document notarization in Georgia, property purchasing, and company formation.