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Marriage Lawyers in Georgia

Marriage Lawyers in Georgia

Our marriage lawyers in Georgia can help couples interested in getting married in this country. Legal services concerning this matter can refer to assistance on marriage lawand procedures, regulations referring to spouses of 2 different nationalities, the preparation of the documents required for legal proceedings.

Therefore, if you want to get married here, we invite you to address any requests you may have to our Georgian lawyers, who can present all the steps you have to take in order to complete this procedure. 

What are the prerequisites of getting married in Georgia?

In order to have the right to get married in Georgia, as a foreigner or as a local, there are certain minimum legal requirements that have to be met by both parties, as per the local legislation. In the list below, our attorneys in Georgia present some of the main conditions:

  • first of all, a marriage procedure can be completed if both parties have an age of minimum 18 years old; 
  • the procedure starts by applying for getting married, which refers to the step where the future spouses submit the paperwork required by the state, after which the spouses have 2 months to register for getting married
  • it is also required to have 2 witnesses, who will attend as mandatory parties in the marriage formalities;
  • couples can get married at 1 of the 26 marriage houses (or the Public Service Hall) operating under the Public Service Development Agency

It must be noted that the information presented above refers to the civil marriage procedure, which is regulated under common law. Spouses can get married in a religious marriage as well, but this does not fall under any procedures regulated by the law, as it is regulated under the rules of the religious denomination of the spouses. 

What documents are necessary for a marriage in Georgia?

All future spouses must prepare a mandatory set of documents. Our marriage lawyers in Georgia can help you prepare the documentation required by the law. In general, the authorities require applicants to prepare their identity documents, a written application in which the couple states the intention to get married, and the identity documents of the witnesses. 

Provided that one of the parties has been married before, he or she must present the documents attesting the termination of the marriage (the same rule applies if the party is a widow). If one of the spouses is a foreigner, the passport of the person is required. 

In general, it is necessary to provide a certified translation into Georgian of foreign documents, passport included, but that is not always the case and our Georgian lawyers can offer more information on when exemptions are allowed. 

However, you must know that this exemption is granted only for identity documents. All other foreign documents must be legalized

Although, traditionally speaking, the civil marriage would take place only in the Public Service Hall (or the marriage house), nowadays it is possible to have the civil marriage procedure organized in a venue that is chosen by the couple. 

The venue can be a restaurant or an outdoor location and the event can be formally organized in such a place following the same legal procedures as the ones followed when having the marriage in a public hall location. However, for this to take place, the spouses must pay a fee of GEL 255 (or EUR 90).

If you get married in this country and plan to permanently reside here, you might also be interested in buying a house in Georgia. If this is the case, you can always rely on our Georgian lawyers, who can provide professional legal services designed for this branch of law.

If you need any other information concerning permanent relocation, visas, residence permit or citizenship as the spouse of a Georgian citizenour law firm in Georgia remains at your service