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Recognition of Foreign Judgements in Georgia

Recognition of Foreign Judgements in Georgia

The recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Georgia are different from other jurisdictions. These aspects are discussed in the Law of Georgia “On Private International Law” which mentions that the Supreme Court of Georgia is the sole authority for handling applications for recognition and enforcement. Our lawyers in Georgia will explain further the Georgian legislation and assure support for those dealing with recognition of foreign judgments.

Determination of applicable laws

In the case of recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Georgia, the Court will consider the official interpretations, application practices, and doctrines of the respective country’s laws. Georgian law will be considered if no clear understanding can be reached. Foreign laws can’t be applied in Georgia if they go against the country’s basic legal principles. Georgia’s imperative rules always apply, no matter the applicable law of any country.

For foreign countries with multiple legal systems, the legal system will be determined by the law of the foreign state. Additionally, the legal system might be decided if closely related to the case’s circumstances.

Our law firm in Georgia will help you with the recognition of foreign judgments.

International jurisdiction of Georgian courts

Georgian courts have international jurisdiction if the individual/entity in case resides in Georgia, if an agreement specifies that obligations must be fulfilled in Georgia, or if the claim involves damages or disputes related to activities that occurred in the country. For Georgian citizens living abroad, the Georgian court might handle the case if there is no other applicable jurisdiction.

For claims regarding immovable property, marriage issues, or issues between parents and children, the recognition of foreign judgments in Georgia falls under the jurisdiction of the Georgian court.

Individuals/entities can agree to handle their case in a Georgian court in some circumstances, even if the case doesn’t normally fall under its authority.

Our attorneys in Georgia can help with international jurisdiction cases.

Recognition of foreign judgments in Georgia regarding family issues

The recognition of foreign judgments in Georgia concerning family issues must protect the interests of those involved.

Foreign judgments on marriage and divorce are recognized by Georgian courts, as long as they are legal and do not conflict with Georgian public policy. Georgian courts may apply the local law in some divorce cases if one of the spouses is a Georgian citizen.

Foreign judgments in Georgia regarding alimony are recognized in the country and the Georgian courts can determine the amount of financial support that has to be provided.

Child custody and parental rights are subject to the law of the country where the child resides. Considering the child’s best interests, Georgian law may be applied if it better serves those interests.

Foreign judgments in Georgia regarding adoption are recognized. The Georgian court might intervene in the process if both the parents are Georgian citizens and if it could better serve the adopted child’s interests.

Our Georgian lawyers assist in foreign judgments regarding family issues.

Statistics about court cases in Georgia

In the context of the recognition of foreign judgments in Georgia, our team has gathered some interesting statistics from the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) about the number of cases handled by the Georgian courts in 2022:

  • 19,361 criminal cases were brought before the courts of first instance in Georgia;
  • 14,152 administrative cases were submitted to the first-instance courts in Georgia;
  • 67.8% of administrative cases (5,819 cases) were concluded in favor of administrative bodies;
  • 97,557 civil cases were filed in first-instance courts in Georgia.

Aside from our assistance with the recognition of foreign judgments, our team can also offer support if you are interested in buying a house in Georgia.

Do not hesitate to contact our team for more details regarding the recognition of foreign judgments in Georgia and if you need legal representation in that matter.